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Do the Hannibal-trail yourself


The Hannibal trail leads to places of the important battles, but also to stunningly beautiful and interesting places you may never have heard of before.

More than 2000 years ago the Carthaginian general Hannibal  marched his army from Spain to the south of Italy to challenge the Romans.
He  succeeded four times in defeating the Roman army, but lost the war.

Of course you can do this trail on your own. Al the information you need is in this page and more details per day if you click on the links in the schedule
Obviously on your own means: you have to organize yourself the excursions and dinners etc.

In may 2012 we will follow Hannibal's  trail.

Join us in your  own or rented RV, camper-van or car+trailer and follow this outstanding general.
We do not drive in a column, but single or in small groups as you wish. At the end of the day we meet on the camping where we have a lot of fun and speak about Hannibal's achiefments.
You will find all reservations made and us to organize your trip

We will be traveling in may when the temperatures are moderate and it is still quiet in Italy.

We start at saturday may 5 in France and end at saturday june 2  in Rome.

Play the movie to get a good impression (ca 8 minutes)

Sorry, but we are fullbooked
Maybe next year



Yes, show me the map with the places we visit

Follow the links for very detailed information that particular day

Day Distance Description
day 1      ?
Saint Sauveur             France
Tour starts. Participants welcome.
day 2

morning visit Guedelon where a medieval castle is being built
only using medieval techniques and human and animal labour.
afternoon  at leisure
day 3
360 km Saint Sauveur - Pelussin                        
Pelussin is situated in the Parc du Pilat.
In the neighborhood  Hannibal crossed the river Rhone.
day 4
140 km Pelussin - Die                                
Along the river Drome the army of the Charthagians
entered the mountains.
day 5

Day at leisure.
day 6
190 km 
Die - Montgenevre        France/Italy                 
Here Hannibal crossed the Alpes
day 7
100 km Montgenevre - Torino     Italy                   
day 8

Day at leisure
day 9 180 km Turin - Bobbio                               
The battle of the Trebbia
day 10
240 km Bobbio-Rioveggio                        
Pizza dinner                          
day 11
225 km Rioveggio-Tuoro sul Trassimeno  
day 12
Touringcar: We visit Cortona and Perugia
Lunch and guided tour in Perugia
Battle of lake Trasimeno
day 13

Tuoro Day at leisure
day 14
300 km Tuoro-Opi                                   
day 15

afternoon:   workshop making pasta
day 16
280 km Opi-Vieste                               
day 17

day at leisure
day 18
165 km Vieste-Castel del Monte                       
On the fly we visit Cannae.
Here was the famous battle of Cannae.
day 19
116 km Castel del Monte-Alberobello                   
In the morning visit Castel del Monte
day 20

guided tour and lunch
Visit oil mill
day 21
75 km Alberobello-Matera       
day 22

Guided tour
day 23
230 km Matera-Pompei                             
day 24

Day at leisure
You can visit Naples, the Vesuvius, Herculaneum etc.
day 25

Guided tour Pompei Scavi
day 26
125 km Pompei-Monte Cassino                       
afternoon visit Abby / war cemetry
day 26
150 km Cassino - Rome
day 27

Touringcar: guided tour Rome
evening dinner
day 29

Good bye

See you at the Hannibal trail!!

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