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Hannibal trail

Day 16  From Opi to Vieste

How to get to Vieste


SS 83
SS 17

SS 650

A 14

SS 693

SS 89
Baia degli Aranci
Lungomare Europa 48
tel: +39 0884 706591
N 41o53'12.9″  E 16o09'58.6″
280 kilometer 5 hours driving time

At the exit of the campground go to the main road and right.
After 10 km in Viletta Barrea right towards Alfedana.
In the village you have a nice view at the lake.
Follow the road through the village, go down and cross the bridge, then at the split right and again right.
Follow this road up towards Alfadena.
In Alfadena go left towards Castel di sangria
After 5 km right towards Isernia
After Rionero Sannitico a steep decent 14%.
Stay on this road till Isernia. Than towards Vasto .
Stay on the SS 650 for about 75 km.
Take the A 14 towards Bari. After the toll booth towards Bari.
After 55 km exit Lessina/Poggio Imperiale.
After the toll boot take SS 693 towards Vieste Gargano.
Stay on this road for about 50 km. From here follow Vieste
At the end of the road keep right.
Stay on the SS 693
At the split go left. You follow the coastline and you descent in the midst of the olivetrees.
Then right .
Follow this road untill you arrive in the town.
Keep left and furtheron and zoom in on the map to locate the camping

What to do

Foresta Umbra

Foreste Umbra
A vast forest.
You'll drive through it if you leave the coast road.

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