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At its peak the Roman empire stretched from Hadrian's wall in the north of England to Cappadocia (Turkey) at the Black sea. From Arabia (Saudi Arabia) to Mauritania (Morocco).
There are several beautiful sites about the roman empire, but most of them only treat one or two aspects of this phenomenon.

5 ways to learn more about the Roman empire:

1. Archeology
roman empire

There is a lot to learn on the archeological sites. Here at this still growing part of this site you now find over 1500 pictures of Roman remains. Yet, without the (hi)stories about those places they are not much more than old stones. Follow the link left to these beautiful places or use the menu option "Museums & sites".

There are now 44 sites
and over 1500 pictures

2. Museums
Dying Gaul Capitoline museums
Concerning the Romans most objects found in museums are the result of archeology. Here also you need the stories around the pieces. Most museums will give you these, but no museum has all the relevant objects to tell the complete story. We try and digitally bring together all the relevant pieces. Follow the link right or use the menu-option "Museums & sites".
There are now over 1500 pieces
in 30 museums

3. Ancient texts
Scroll with latin text

Of course, ancient authors wrote in Latin or Greek. Luckily for us many of those texts survived and have been translated. Most of those text are now in the public domain. We follow the Roman history and make the relevant connections to these texts. Follow the link left to a list of these books or use the menu option "Sources". So far we treated the time of the kings and are now in the midst of the republic and now covering the Punic wars

4. Roman culture Diana with deer

Combining the three above sources and modern sources we make a description of the Roman culture. Of course the culture in the time of the kings differs considerably from the culture in the time of the emperors. But numerous things never changed. here also we make extensive use of the ancient texts. Follow the link right or choose one of the menu-options under "Roman culture".

5. Visit the places yourself
Villa dei misteri Pompeii
With a tourist guide on paper or in the flesh you can of course visit and enjoy the beauty of these places. Once a year we make a trip you can join. Follow the link left to learn more or choose the menu-option "Travel with us".

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