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Roman battles

The Romans fought many battles in their wars. A lot of them are simply described like:"The Romans attacked and won (or lost)". But there is also a group of battles interesting enough for a closer look. They are a part of the history as described in this site. To make them more easy found, I' ll list them here too in the menu "battles" at the right side.

This list is still growing, but the menu "Battles" points to all elaborated and described battles.

Battle Year Opponent Result Ancient text
Around Rome -750 Antemnates Victory Liv(1.11)
Rome -720 Sabines indecisive Liv(1.12)
Fidenae -718 Fidenae Victory Liv(1.15)
Alba -717 Alba Longa Victory Liv(1.24)
Anio -635 Fidenae,Veii Victory Liv(1.27)
Medulia -720 Latins Victory Liv(1.33)
Near side of the Anio I -600 Sabines Indecisive Liv(1.36)
Near side of the Anio II -600 Sabines Victory Liv(1.37)
Near Rome -509 Arruns Tarquinius Defeat Liv(2.6-7)
Lake Regillus -499 Latins;Tarquinius Victorious Liv(2.19-20)
Aricia -495 Auruncans Victorious Liv(2.26)
Latin territoy -494 Volscians Victorious Liv(2.30)
Near Rome -484 Aequi ; Volscians Vctorious Liv(2.42)
Veii -481 Veii Victorious, sabotaged by plebeians Liv(2.44)
Etruria -480 Etruscans Victorious Liv(2.46-47)
Cremera -478 Veii Defeat Fabii (-1) killed Liv(2.50)
Near Rome -476 Veii Indecisive Liv(2.51)
Janiculum (near Rome) -476 Veii Victorious Liv(2.51)
Mount Algidus -465 Aequi Victorious Liv(3.2)
Aequian territory -464 Aequi Defeat Liv(3.4)
Aequian territory -463 Aequi Victory †6400? Liv(3.5)
Hernician territory -462 Volsci 2xVictorious †13470?;P173.6050 Liv(3.8)
Algidus -449 Aequi Volsci Victory Liv(3.60-61)
Near Rome -449 Sabines Victorious Liv(3.63)
Corbio -446 Aequi; Volsci Victory Liv(3.70)
Within sight of Rome -437 Veii, Fidenae,Faliscae Victory Liv(4.18-19)
Noventum -435 Etruscans Victorious Liv(4.22)
Algidus -431 Aequi,Volsci Victorious Liv(4,27-29)
Fidenae -426 Veii, Fidenae Victorious Liv(4.33-34)
Veii -423 Volsci, Indecisive Liv(4.37-40)
Tusculum -418 Labici, Aequi Defeat Liv(4.46)
Tusculum -418 Labici, Aequi Victory Liv(4.47)
Antium -407 Volsci Victory Liv(4.57)
Ferentinum -404 Volsci Victory Liv(4.61)
Veii -398 Faliscae,Capenae Victorious Liv(5.13)
Aequian territory -394 Aequi Indecisive / victorious Liv(5.28)
Volsci -391 Volsci Victorious Liv(5.32)
Alia -390 Gauls Defeated Liv(5.38)
Sutrium -389 Etrusks Victorious Liv(6.3)
Satricum -386 Antiates,latins,Volscians Victorious Liv(6.7-8)
Sutrium -385 Etrusks Victorious Liv(6.10)
Pomptine territory -385 Volsci,,Latins,Hernici Victorious Liv(6.12-13)
Velitrae -381 Velitraeans Victorious Liv(6.21-22)
Satricum -381 Volsci Victorious Liv(6.23-24)
Alia -379 Praenestini Victorious Liv(6.28-29)
Satricum -377 Volsci, Latins Victorios Liv(6.32)
Etruria -302 Marsi Victorious Liv.(10.3)
Etruria -302 Etruscans Defeat Liv.(10.3)
Rusellae -302 Etruscans Victory Liv.(10.5)
Etruria -298 Etruscans Indecisive, but Etruscans left at night Liv(10.12)
Bovianum -298 Samnites Victory Liv(10.12)
Tifernum -297 Samnites Victory †3400 P840 Liv(10.14)

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