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Roman timeline

This Roman timeline now runs from the foundation of the city to the end of the second punic war. When we have covered this part we will, before we start with the late republic and the imperial period, expand this timeline.

Year Happening









Foundation of Rome (traditionally)
Time of the kings
Expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus
Founding of the republic
Porsenna tries to take Rome
Battle at lake Regillus
War against Sabines
First secession of the plebeans
parabel of Agrippa Menenius
Institution of Tribunate of the plebs
First war against Veii
Death of the Fabii near the Cremera
Trial against Kaeso Quintius
Cinciatus dictator
Decemviri; codification of the laws
Terror of the decemviri
Appius Claudius and Verginia
second secession of the plebeians
Laws by Valerius and Horatius for the plebeians
Canuleus' law right of intermarriage plebs and patricians
First military tribunes with consular power
Institution of the office of censor
Spurius Maelius accused of trying to become a sole ruler
Second war against Veii
Institution of soldiers pay
Third war against Veii
Camillus takes Veii
Trial  against  Camillus  and his exile
Occupation of Rome by the Gaul
Coup d' etat by Manlius Capitolinus
Licinius and Sextius laws
Acceptation of the laws: office of consul open for plebeians
Institution of the offices of praetor and curulic aedile
First performances with flute and dance
Gallic raids
Duel of Manlius Torquatus
War against Tarquinii
Treaty of friendship with the Samnites
Second treaty between Rome and Carthago
Campania submits voluntarily to Rome
First war with the Samnites
Peace treaty with the Samnites
War with the Latines
Second war with the Samnites
Poetalian law debt slavery is banned (Varro states -313)
Roman defeat in the Caudian forks
Revenge for the defeat (according to Livius)
Building of Via Appia and aqua Appia
War against the Etruscans
Third treaty with Carthago
Peace with the Samnites
Ogulnius' law: admittance for plebeians to priesthood
Foundation of Narnia
Third war with the Samnites
War against Etruscans,Galliers, Umbrians,and Samnites
Battle near Sentinum. Self sacrifice of Decius Mus
The arrival of the god Aesclepius to Rome
Hortensius' law
War against Tarentum and Pyrrhus of Epirus
Fourth treaty with Carthago
Carthaginian fleet near Tarentum
First gladiator games
First Punic war
Peace treaty with Hiero of Syracusa
Atillius Regulus sails to Africa
Number of Roman tribes is raised to 35
Sardinia and Corsica confiscated from Carthago
War against  Gallia Cisalpina
Censorship of Gaius Flaminius, Via Flaminia 
Second Punic war
Hannibal takes Saguntum
Hannibal crosses the Alps
Battle at the Trebbia
Battle at lake Trasimeno
Battle at Cannae
Proconsul Scipio reconquers Saguntum
Young Scipio conquers Cartagena|
Battle of Baecula (Spain)
Battle of Ilipa (Spain)
Battle near Zama

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