Hannibal trail

Day 12 excursion to Perugia and Cortona

What to do
Excursion to Perugia and Cortona

We visit Cortona by touringcar. We get out of the bus on the top of the city where we enjoy the beautiful view at the lake Trasimeno. Hannibal defeated the Romans in the battle of Trasimeno. Then you have a few hours  to visit this beautiful city.

lake trasimeno seen from Cortona
             Lake Trasimeno as seen from the city of Cortona

Next We visit Perugia, the capital of Umbria.
Here we have a typical Italian lunch and a guided walk through the town.
You'll see medieval streets and an excavation under the city.
We end at the museum of archeology

Perugia Aquaduct
              Perugia. The medieval aquaduct, now a pedestrian's passage

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