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Emperor Augustus was Ceasar's grandnephew

Augustus was born as  Gaius Octavius Thurinus in 63 BC.
His father died when he was four and his stepfather had no interest in him.
His granduncle Julius Caesar who had no sons of his own, was impressed by the intelligence of the boy, who was raised by his sister Julia Caesaris.

AugustusThen Caesar was murdered. In his last will he appointed the young Octavius as his main heir. Not only that, but he also adopted the young man. For an adoption was needed not only the consent of both persons, but also the consent of the People of Rome.

Without waiting for this consent of the comitium he assumed the name Gaius Julius Ceasar. He didn't like the cognomen Octavianus, that would normally have been added to his name.

He was not a brilliant stratigist, in fact he disliked warfare, but clever enough to make use of the services of Marcus Vipsianus Agrippa, who would prove to be a brilliant general.

Together they built a private army and were victorous in several wars.
In the end there was only Gaius to rule Rome. He had learned from Ceasar's mistake to have himself appointed as dictator for life. The only title he accepted was Augustus. He proved to be very talented in manuevering the senate in the direction he wanted and to avoid that someone could think he opted for king. Still he ruled Rome on his own till his death in 14 AD

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