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Gaius Marius and Sulla were enemies

Gaius Marius was born in 157 BC in a plebeian family.
He made an outstanding military career.
In 107 BC he became for the first time consul and substantially reorganised the Roman army
He would win the war against Jughurta, when his subordinate Sulla had Jughurta taken prisoner and would claim that he had actually won the war. This would turn the two men into enemies.
When a celtic tribe the Cimbri marched towards Rome Marius was elected again as consul. His need for soldiers would cause the second slave revolt.

He would be reelected 5 successive times, which was unprecedented

In 88 he and Sulla would both claim to be elected consul. Sulla would march on Rome and defeat Marius.

Gaius Marius See also the book Life of Marius written by Plutarchus
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