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Map of Rome 400 bc

in 400 bc Rome was still a small city. Probably not even had a stone wall to protect the city.

Map of Rome 400bc

1. : Temple of Juno Moneta
2. : Curia Hostilia
3. : Temple of Concordia
4. : Comitium
5. : Temple of Apollo
6. : Temple of Bellona
7. : Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus
8. : Temple of Juventis
9. : Temple of Saturnus
10.: Old shops
11.: Forum
12.: New shops
13.: Temple of Tellus
14.: Sister's beam
15.: Forum Halitorium (vegetable market)
16.: Temple of Carmenta
17.: Temple of Opis
18.: Temple of Fides
19.: Temple of Castor & Pollux
20.: Temple of Regia
21.: Temple of Vesta
22.: House of the Vestal virgins
23.: House of the Tarquinii
24.: Temple of Mater Matuta
25.: Temple of Fortuna
26.: Tarpeian rock
27.: Temple of Aesculapius
28.: Temple of Victoria
29.: Temple of Jupiter Stator
30.: Temple of Portunus
31.: Forum Boarium (cattle market)
32.: Romulus' hut
33.: Cacus' cave
34.: Temple of Hercules
35.: Grain exchange
36.: Pons Sublicius (bridge)
37.: Great altar
38.: Temple of Liber & Libera
39.: Porta Trigemina (gate)
40.: Temple of Ceres
41.: Temple of Mercurius
42.: Circus Maximus

The Forum lies between the two hills Capitolinus and Palatinus. This was a swamp and had to be drained. For this reason the great sewer Cloaca maxima was constructed.

Romulus' hut at the Palatinus was kept there, even in the times of Augustus, though Romulus and his hut were mythical.
The same is true for the sister's beam. Both object must have been placed in later times.
The Romans went through a lot of trouble just to "prove" their myths.

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