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silver denarius'
silver denarius

Sarcophagus with Dyonysus on a panther'
Sarcophagus with Dyonysus on a panther

Pan with Hermaphrode'
Pan with Hermaphrode

Marriage of Dionysus and Ariadne'
Marriage of Dionysus and Ariadne

Orestes and Iphigenia'
Orestes and Iphigenia

Panel of a sarcophagus with the 9 muses'
Panel of a sarcophagus with the 9 muses

Sarcophagus with 5 christian themes'
Sarcophagus with 5 christian themes


Temple of Apollo tympan'
Temple of Apollo tympan

Taberna groove'
Taberna groove

Wooden screen'
Wooden screen

Museo archeologico Napoli'
Museo archeologico Napoli

Pan playing flute and nymfs'
Pan playing flute and nymfs

Paniassi Halicarnassus'
Paniassi Halicarnassus

Panther and dionisac symbols'
Panther and dionisac symbols

Taberna Hedones'
Taberna Hedones


Lupanara or bordello'
Lupanara or bordello

Lupanara whorehouse'
Lupanara whorehouse

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